Email Signatures Pictures

Is there a way to put pictures in the email signatures?
And when yes, how? :smiley:

Copy the pictures content and paste it into the body field.

If you’re using e.g. Windows, “picture content” means what’s inside the file. Windows copies the filename and location which the browser doesn’t like. Tools like e.g. paint or the right image viewer allows you to copy the content itself.

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When I google “copy picture content” I only find solutions how to get text from a picture as text.

But we need our company logo as image file in the signature.

Unfortunately I haven’t managed to do that yet, can you help me more detailed?

Here’s my favorite screencast to visually demonstrate what I mean better:

Even though it shows the knowledge base, it is the same way for normal tickets or Zammads backend. It’s the same editor technically.

Sorry, If I reopen this old post.

I can’t enable this features…

What do you mean “Copy the pictures content and paste it into the body field.”?

Thank You

Open the image file in an image viewer and press CTRL+C or open the menu edit -> copy and go in to the Zammad signature editor window and press CTRL+V. Just a simple copy and paste operation.


Try Sigsync( Office 365 email Signature, Its server-side email signature. You can configure it once and have a consistent, tamperproof email signature. Add a profile image, company logo, banner, etc. using Sigsync generator.

@Mstuart I don’t see a reason for that, Zammad can do the job.

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