Email Notification vs. Email accounts?

I am curious to know the difference between an account I set up in “Email Accounts” . and one in "Email Notification. Given that there is an “Outbound” option in “Email Accounts”, what is the purpose (or need?) to also setup an account in Email Notification? Should I set up a secondary email in there for sending, such as an SES account? Is this necessary? Am I missing something? Please see screenshot:

Zammad 2.8.x
Ubuntu 16.04

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Interesing question. The documentation doesn’t say either and probably should be updated as soon as anyone figures it out :slight_smile:

Yes, I did go through the documentation and the forums before asking :slight_smile:

also not read in documentation but, if im not mistaken, Email Notification the one sending like the customer requesting new password if you click the forgot password, in Email account (outbound) that account used by our agent sending email to the customer in ticket.

Yes, that is what I would assume too; the email notification SMTP account will probably also used especially for the email notifications that you can configure under Profile -> Notifications, ie. new ticket, ticket update etc.

But that still doesn’t explain why there is a separate configuration for notifications vs. outbound emails. I assume the idea behind this might be this:

  • each channel (e.g. email, SMS, etc.) can optionally support notifications.
  • at the time only email and SMS support notifications, the other channels do not.
  • do you want to allow your users and agents to receive notifications over a certain channel? then enable and configure it in the respective channel.
  • don’t want to allow your users and agents to receive notifications over a certain channel? then disable it in the respective channel.

Though actually the email channel currently doesn’t seem to actually allow you to disable notifications. Maybe this will change in the future?

Side note: I would welcome it if Zammad gave me the ability to disable email notifications for all my agents by default, because currently each new agent has email notifications enabled by default. Though it would be preferable if I could leave the notification SMTP account enabled, and only change the profile defaults so that agents who actually want email notifications can still enable them.

For clarification:
Zammad needs the outbound E-Mail-Notification for sending E-Mails like agent notifications, password change requests and everything that’s not caused by a trigger and thus not being related to your E-Mail-Accounts and groups.

Basically everything that’s a system notification.
The reason why this is a different configuration is that you can e.g. use sendmail on that part and could also use noreply adresses nobody can answer to.

And yes, it’s necessary, other wise you won’t receive any Zammad notifications.

What notifications do you want to disable? It’s not too clear to me (yet).

Regarding your sidenote: This is possible with file changes within Zammad at the moment.
But: This is by far not update safe and I wouldn’t recommend it. It will only work upon Agent creation as well.

Warning, this changes system files and is not supported by us, continue with care
Edit the following file /opt/zammad/config/application.rb

Change the true to false from lines 74, 85, 96, 107.
Ensure that the text formatting stays the same, other wise zammad will not start.
Restart the Zammad service.

result will be (after creating a new agent):

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Exactly those “also notify via email” notifications that are enabled by default, like you’ve described how to edit in the code :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for clarifying this. It might be more clear to have. tooltip for “Email notification” that explains that this email is only for system notices and not user to user communications. But that is for the net confused person. I understand now :slight_smile:

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