Email copies of new tickets to user-entered CC: field?


  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.3
  • Used Zammad installation type: Debian package
  • Operating system: Debian 10
  • Browser + version: Edge 99.0

Expected behavior:

  • We would like to add a “CC:” field to new tickets so users can alert other members of their department that a ticket has been filed by sending them a copy of the original submission

Actual behavior:

  • Created object to collect CC: email successfully but cannot assign this custom variable as a destination address in the Trigger screen.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

What kind of “object” did you create? And in what setting screen?
Do you know about the BCC-feature?


I originally created this object under Settings > System > Objects as a “New Attribute” but did not know what the correct “Format” selection would be.

With the BCC feature, are you referring to the pre-defined email address for each agent group? That’s certainly an option but would require regular maintenance on keeping group membership in sync which we’d like to avoid if possible.

In an ideal world, authenticated users would, on the “New Ticket” page/window the same view that agents get when they chose “Send Email” with the “CC” field available to them.

The scenario for which we’re most wanting this option is for tickets that effect not only the same group the user is in but other groups that should be included so they know the issue has been reported and where to check in on status if that’s a desire.

Groups for whom support is very insular would probably be served well with the BCC feature, but there are many of our tickets that cross multiple groups and we can’t anticipate every scenario.

Thanks Andy!

Thanks, now I understand your post. :slight_smile:
I found the objects and created that myself. (since we are also looking for a way to see whether the original reporter filled out the CC field. Any idea why Zammad doesn’t show CCs in the ticket?)
I tried various formats and then wrote a trigger to fill this field with ‘#{}’ but Zammad doesn’t interpret this variable in this field. Result: the object field is set with the useless string ‘#{}’. ;-(

What do you think? Is this a bug or by design?

PS: The BCC-feature is most likely not useful for you: zammad run rails r “Setting.set(‘system_bcc’, ‘bcc-address@domain’)”

Aw man, my coding skills SUCK. =8^)

But yeah, I would think with the variable for the CC: field bouncing all over the place in Zammad that it could be made available to users who are not agents. Unless there is a security issue with this field I’m missing entirely.


no coding involved, just a command line on the linux server :slight_smile:

I don’t understand your comment. Are you saying that agents can see the CC fields in your Zammad instance? In mine, neither agents nor customers can see the CC. As a workaround we created a trigger which adds a note to the ticket with the contents of the CC-line. Not nice though :frowning:

This is the result of our workaround

Are you saying that agents can see the CC fields in your Zammad instance? In mine, neither agents
nor customers can see the CC.

It doesn’t jump out at you. If, as an agent, you start to create a ticket by clicking on ‘+’ you’ll get 3 tabs across the top that allow you to pick how this ticket is coming in - inbound call, outbound call, or email. If you chose “Send Email” the form will change and a CC: field will suddenly appear.

Oh, you were talking about ticket creation via GUI - me about incoming emails. :slight_smile:

While testing further I found out now that Zammad behaves inconsistently: it does show the “reply to all” button if there is a CC field in the incoming email but ONLY if the sender is not an agent. To me that doesn’t really make sense, does it?

It might be related to this open ticket
reply all missing when Zammad email-in is in cc · Issue #2426 · zammad/zammad · GitHub
but it’s not the same issue I think.

Also, there is already an “enhancement” issue on github about filling fields with variable information:
Use trigger to fill custom object with variable information · Issue #1018 · zammad/zammad · GitHub
But it describes the wish to use regexp to find the variable information inside the ticket text or subject.

Our case is way simpler since we just want to use the value of the existing variable “”.
I don’t dare to write a comment about this below this github issue since the Zammad devs often react very sensitive. sigh

So maybe we should open a new feature request, relating to the similar but way more complex issue?

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