Editing tickets, is it a still a hard No from developers?

I did found this discussion from 2019 and it kinda cooled my initial huge enthusiasm for zammad before I even started to use it more and push it on people to use it.

I myself make lot of typos and mistakes and really can see problem of not being able to edit tickets.

Otherwise everything else is so perfect with zammad, the clean interface and absolutely spot on amount of customization/options where it does not feel overwhelming or poor.

So just wondering if edits is something on a future roadmap or its a still a hard No?


I’d also like this see this feature. Of course preserving the original ticket text is important, but a “show edits” button like GitHub has would solve that.


It is infuriating that I am creating ticket while on a phone, while remoting to someone else and being super bussy, and I just give up on doing it straight in zammad because of this huge inflexibility. And i know that I wont do it good enough in that state, so I write it in a notepad on desktop and thats where it stays forgotten…

Because zammad is pushing me away from using it because I cant just make quick ticket without feeling like I am doing it wrong since I know I will have to delete it and recreate it or having the info spread on 3 posts to scroll through and generally will look super unprofessional.

Like I am sorry, but its getting frustrating and makes me angry and disappointed.

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Vote for this one too. We need a way to edit tickets, even delete content / articles (e.g. sensitive information )