Editable Checklist for Tickets


A feature that I would like to see is the ability to create an editable checklist for a ticket. This would be helpful if a ticket is, for example, a change request, that would involve multiple steps.

It would involve putting in a checklist at the top of the ticket, and being able to add, remove, check or uncheck individual checkboxes as needed.

See here, on microsoft planner:


I think a lot of users would benefit by a very simple but powerful ToDo-list feature.

Either as a custom object in the right ticket pane or as a additional tab in the right ticket pane. Ideally there is an option to enter “Presets” so you can create a ToDo-list and save it for later. in the ticket, simple choose the preset from the dropdown and it will create the checklist in the ticket.

I like the idea of maybe 5-10 companies funding this feature request.
@thorsteneckel / @MrGeneration What do you need to give us a quote? Mockups?


I can create a requirenment form for this for our devs, but right now I’m not sure if this is applicable for a funding at this moment, I’ll need to talk to the team internally.

However, personally I don’t see another “template” feature, I’d see it within the existing template functionality allowing you to define it during ticket creation. If you have a second templateish option, this will blow up the UI more which we usually try to avoid.

What do you think?
Also, right now I’m a bit short in time which is why this will take time.

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I agree. The checklist could be placed at the bottom of the sidebar, where “Tags” and “Linked tickets” are shown.

Ideally there would be a dropdown to load a predefined set of “ToDos” with a button to save and load the presets. And then also an option to enter single checklist-lines and also to delete them.

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I think both proposals are good. A todo list for changes. A general distinction between disturbances and changes would be perfect. In this way, the overviews could be clearer and slas for changes and faults could be defined differently. The running list is perfect when changes are processed one by one by different employees.

I would prefer an additional tab in the right ticket pane.

And yes this would be a very helpfull feature.



We also have a lot of tickets, in which we have to go through points on a to-do list at the right order.
These lists are very time consuming to work through, have many points on them and make our tickets crazily bloated, if we make a new comment every time a point is done.
So all in all our tickets tend to get really confusing, where a single checklist would be the better solution, especially if two or more agents are working on them.

Integrating other solutions like Microsoft Planner is just too complicated for our usage.
We would prefer an additional tab in the right ticket pane too. That should be the clearest solution.

Another option could be to change the specification of the ticket.object.
If we could set a ticket.object to a group, we could add booleans.
In my opinion that could be implemented as an easier method for a temporary solution.


I agree in the necessity to implement checklists and that they shouldn’t blow up the UI to make it less user friendly.

But checklists would definitely improve the productivity big time and we are strongly looking forward for implementation of this feature in the future!

I’ll keep an eye on the changelogs :slight_smile:


Is there any news on this? Are the devs working on this feature? :slight_smile:

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This is a feature request on the community board - if you can’t find it on Github, the answer is no.
Adding feature requests to this board is no guruantee that a specific feature is adopted.

Please use the :heart: button on the first article to vote for this function.
This helps us to measure the need which is (currently) fairly low.

any news on this idea and the funding option for the feature?

I see that some people like it and I know that other systems provide this option.
So maybe implementing it, could make zammad more attractive for organizations moving to zammad.
I know at least one company, the missing checklist is a showstopper for migrating to zammad.

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We in generally do not communicate any ETAs or a roadmap if something is on the way.
If you want to find out the cost of this implementation you can always contact sales (at) zammad (dot) com to find out and, in case the cost is too high, ask for a group sponsoring.


Zammad is a really nice project because it’s not cluttered.

But I also wish for this function or a workaround for it.

It is important for our small support team to be able to quickly see which tasks are still open in a ticket.
Not all tickets can be ready within hours or days. A quick overview of what still needs to be done in a ticket would be great.

Who else needs this? Is group sponsoring a way?

Many Thanks.

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Checklists/Checklist templates were very important to us as well. The workaround we are currently using in Zammad is setting up ‘Macros’ to add ‘Tags’ for each Checklist item… example… a Macro of ‘Task List - Checklist1’ that adds a predefined list of tasks to do (each task is actually a tag). Then when a task is completed, the agent just removes the tag from the ticket (zammad stores a history of task adds/removes in ticket). We also setup Overviews for the tasks to complete tags so an agent can check an overview to see if a ticket has a task for them to complete. It works well, but canned checklists would be better.

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Really like the idea of placing a checklist module there.

Coming from Znuny (which offers a plugin for this), I really miss this feature in my Zammad instance.


We also had this in the old company via TANSS (A ticket system especially for system houses). This facilitated many monthly tasks for new colleagues and ensured that the required items were completed. You could even set that if you check the box for item 3, a query comes up like: “Which tape numbers were taken” e.g.: for a weekly tape change.
In the meantime I am with a new employer and have only one environment to act, but nevertheless exactly that would be great. Just when I open a ticket with the type “create user” and get from HR the list of services that I can customize the list via the core workflows by hiding items.

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I hope this will be implemented in the Future.


Looks good! This way it wouldn’t clutter the page too much

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