Edit Zammad login page?

Dear Experts,

Is there any possibility that we can change the login words, we want to change it from Microsoft login to something else?

I’m pretty sure that’s an image. In the login.jst.eco it is referenced as ‘provider-icon’. I’m not familiar with where those are stored. Understand that any changes made will not be retained after upgrades.

You cannot change the text of the Microsoft login button. That’s only possible with SAML.
We didn’t allow it on other fields but SAML, because SAML technically is the only login method that might not be on point and may require different wording. At least from our POV.

If that’s not good enough, consider opening a feature request here (make sure to have reasoning so people can understand why):

Is it possible that we can customize the words under that Microsoft logo, the default one is “If you have problems with the third-party…” we can change this line to something else, then users know they need to click the above Microsoft icon to log in.

Sorry I can’t follow, the string you mention is not part of Zammad’s login interface:

You cannot change [LOGO] Microsoft to something else, no.

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