Drop zones should report errors

When you use the drop zone to apply a macro to one or several tickets, errors that occur during the macro execution should be reported.

For example:

  1. configure a group as “follow up possible: do not reopen ticket but create new ticket”.

  2. create a ticket in this group, and close it.

  3. create a macro called “reopen ticket” and add an action: State: open.

  4. Attempt to re-open the ticket (which isn’t currently possible even for agents) by manually setting its state to open. In this case, Zammad will display an error message:

    Cannot follow up on a closed ticket. Please create a new ticket.

  5. Attempt to reopen the ticket by using the bulk action on the bottom of the overview. In this case, Zammad will also display an error message (a less helpful one, but still an error message):

    Can’t update ticket <number>!

  6. Attempt to reopen the ticket by dragging it in the ticket overview, drag it towards the macros on top, and drop it on the “reopen ticket” macro. Note that no error message is shown.

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