Disable notifications when using API


I am using the API route PUT /api/v1/tickets/[ticket-id] to update some objects in a ticket. This works as intended. The only issue is that every colleague gets a notification of the change, which is not needed in this special case.

I don’t get any notifications for these changes since the API is using my personal API token. My colleagues get the notifications since they own the ticket but it is my user/my token that is used for the API calls.

It is impossible to have a separate API token that gets used depending on the ticket owner.

Disabling notifications is not a solution since it my colleagues would then not get notified of any changes in the ticket.

So I am looking for the following:

  1. Have a setting at “User Profile > Notifications” where you can exclude notifications for changes/updates etc. made by the API. So each user can decide if they wish notifications for these type of changes or not.

  2. Have some kind of parameter that I can add to my API calls to disable the notifications.

I have tested what happens when I add something like this to the payload but that doesn’t work:

"object A ": “blabla”,
“object B”: “blabla”,
“disable_notification”: true

Is there already a way to add some parameter to the API?
If not, what do you think? Worth to add a feature request?



I asked internally for you to make sure to not put you down some bumpy road.
It seems Zammad doesn’t yet support this kind of payload-addition.

Personally I would see this as a useful addition. Possibly within a preferences: {} attribute scope. Other wise you might collide with existing attributes of a ticket.

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Yes, that I think is the best option. Do I need to create a feature request on Github or is this already implemented in the next release :wink:

Apart from us generally not communicating ETA’s or roadmaps - I think a FR would be the best approach if you need it like now.

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No worries. It is not urgent, just nice to have. I will create a FR on Github.
Thanks a lot!

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Hmm, not as easy as I thought it would be. I can’t create a FR on Github, only Bugreports. The template for bugs doesn’t make sense for a feature request. If I need some “special role”, please let me know.

Oh sorry I thought you’d create a pull request.
Feature requests should be posted on this forum: Feature requests - Zammad - Community

My bad sorry.

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Hi @MrGeneration

could you move this topic to the #stuff-you-like-zammad-to-have-feel-free-to-discuss-and-add-proposals categoy? I guess, it doens’t make sense to open a duplicate topic.

Thanks a lot,

I’m not the biggest fan of technical question flavored feature requests. Especially because those kind of threads tend to be messy in terms of overview.

Anyway. I switched it.

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