Create Tickets and Articles through API with historical time and date


we want to create tickets and ticket articles via the rest api with a creation date and time in the past.

We are migrating our ticket system from Podio to Zammad and want to keep our historical tickets and data. The creation through the api is not a problem. But all tickets and articles are created with now as a timestamps.

Does anyone has an idea if there is a parameter that I can set to be able to set Creation Date via the API?

What happens when you migrate from OTRS or other systems? Have tickets the current date or the original date?


Hi @ecomsilio - the parameters get removed here - because of various reasons (security etc.). As you can see in the code there is a Setting called import_mode which is active while importing from OTRS, Zendesk etc.

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Thanks a lot @thorsteneckel :bouquet:

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Hi Thorsten,

I can change into import_mode using the rails console with the following command

Setting.set('import_mode', true)

But do I also need to use Setting.set('system_init_done', false) ?

In this case Zammad is already setup, some Agents habe been created. No companies, users or tickets have been created yet except the first/default ticket from Nicole Braun.


system_init_done is used in various places - for example to prevent ActivityStream entries. It depends on your use case but if you do an initial fill with data and the system is not actively used yet you can/should set both of the Settings (and reset them afterwards).


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