Create ticket only for one address

Current behavior
I have two emails registered as channels.

Email 1 is: anything this email receives goes directly to the group1
Email 2 is: anything this email receives goes directly to the group2

When I hit send, this one mail will create two tickets, with the same subject and body for group1 and group2. So if the sender spams my groups I wanted to create only 1 ticket for 1 group, to avoid multiple groups working in the same issue, in this case the group1 is the first in the “To:” field, so what I wanted was to create only a ticket for group1.

Checking the headers from the raw message, I can confirm that
it’s actually one mail delivered to multiple addresses, both messages have the same Message-ID header. So, could be an option to when an email has multiple addresses, flag it somehow (Message-ID header) and only create one ticket.

Summing up:
Create only one ticket per mail (Message-ID) to prevent customers flooding agent’s groups.

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