Create organization via dialog via "edit customer" or "new customer"

Hi all, :wave:

our customers belong to small organizations, with 20 - 100 members each. Most times, we are in contact to more than one person from each organization, so it would be interesting to know, what was discussed already with other members of the same organization.
Zammad can perfectly provide such functionality, by assigning a organization to a customer.

99% of our customers are created automatically by zammad, when we receive their first mail. Our agent can edit the customer’s data easy, by clicking “edit customer” in the top right corner directly in the ticket view. So far so good.

Unfortunately, assigning (/creating) a new organization is not possible in this screen! As for now, it seems to be quite awkward (and only possible for admins, by default?) to create new organizations - by clicking “options - organizations - new - …”.
Even when we give this permission to all agents, it would be too much steps and too much disruption while answering a ticket.

To solve this problem, I propose a new feature: When agent doesn’t select an existing organization but types a new organization’s name in the field “organization” (in modal dialog “edit customer”), zammad should auto-create this organization in background.

To be honest, this solution brings up two more questions:

  • Should this new organization be a “sharing organization”? Maybe need for a default setting.
  • Can zammad automatically trust on the customers email domain as domain for the new organization? I don’t think so, because sometimes the customer may write from his private mail account…

In order to deal with this question, it would probably be a better solution to add a [+] button next to the “organization” input (in modal dialog “edit customer”), which brings up a second(/sub-)dialog “create organization”. (Maybe the domain input there can already be pre-filled?)


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