Configure Zoom as webhook

Title: Webhooks for Zoom channel

  1. What is your original issue/pain point you want to solve? i can not to add a zoom as a webhook.
  2. Which are one or two concrete situations where this problem hurts the most? The type of security in Zammad-Webhook is not compatible with zoom security-System
  3. Why is it not solvable with the Zammad standard? Cause Zoom does not use HMAC SHA1 Signatur-Token or HTTP Basic Authentication Passwort
  4. What is your expectation/what do you want to achieve? i would like to send the new Tickets to our Admin-Team in the Zoom Channel

i get this in HTTP log:
“400 Bad Request","body":"400 Bad Request","success":false,"serverError":false}”

Your Zammad environment:

  • Average concurrent agent count: 3
  • Average tickets a day: 10
  • What roles/people are involved: Customers and Agents

Anything else which you think is useful to understand your use case:

when i test the following commandline on Linux Machine. It will send the Message successfully:

curl '' -X POST -H 'Authorization: xXXyxyxyxXXXYXYXX' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d 'Hello World!'

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