Change string when sending emails behind "via"


  • Used Zammad version: 5.4.1-1683779951.9554bea4.jammy
  • Used Zammad installation type: (apt-get)
  • Operating system: ubuntu server
  • Browser + version: all browsers

Expected behavior:

When sending a email from within Zammad as an agent the FROM field reads as follows:
From: Agent Name via Zammad Helpdesk Support

I want to change the text string behind the word “via”

Actual behavior:

I can not find an option to change the text “Zammad Helpdesk Support”

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Install Zammad and send an email.

I know it might sound silly and this probably ends up with RTFM but I truly tried and can not find it. Neither does google or manually going through all available options menus. Is that something I have to change in directly with Ruby?
Where can I make changes to this text strink

Maybe this part helps: Settings — Zammad documentation

Isn’t this the string from Settings → Branding → Product Name?

sadly not.
I set this one to: “IT Helpdesk” but it does not affect the mails we send.

Yes and no. This menu allows me to choose from three options.
I would pretty much like the middle one: Name of agent + separator + Name of Systemadress

But I can not find where to change / set the systemaddress

I thought it might be the one from exchange but that one is different aswell:


Found it, ticket can be closed.

In case someone else runs into this:
The string in question can be edited by clicking “edit” on the inbound Email account connection (in my case in the Microsoft 365 section, depending on your inbound email settings).

This thread helped:


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