Change order of custom ticket objects

Used Zammad version: 3.1.x
Used Zammad installation source: apt-repo
Operating system: ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Browser + version: Chrome + 78.0.3904.108

My problem is, that I would like to change the displayed order of my custom ticket objects.
Right now it seems, that they are automatically sorted in alphabetical order.
Is there any way I can sort them manually?

I made some random objects to figure out how they are ordered and it seems,
that the algorithm sortes them digit by digit.

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Correct, Zammad sorts those Objects alphabetically.
Technically you change the position key of the affected attributes.

While these changes are update save, please be careful as fiddling around with objects can potentially break your installation. (aka. don’t delete things from objects that are disabled to edit within the UI :wink: )

First of all, the following page will show you how to play around with Zammads rails console (aka. the console you need for the below commands):

You can check the current position with the following code:
ObjectManager::Attribute.find_by(display:'My amazing display name of an object').position

Now if you fiddled your desired order, you can update it with:
ObjectManager::Attribute.find_by(display:'My amazing display name of an object').update(position:666)

Above is untested, again, please use with care. :slight_smile:


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