CentOS 9 support?

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Question, what is the future of CentOS 9 support?
Packager.io now supports CentOS9 ( Supported distributions · crohr/pkgr Wiki · GitHub), the previous post refers to it (What about Rocky Linux support?).

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Just as a sidemark, someone seems to have tried already and is running into issues:

And what does this mean for the next steps?
Will CentOS 9 be supported in the future?
Or do we have to switch to another Linux?

CentOS 7 – 30. Juni 2024
CentOS 8 – 31. Mai 2024

I just pointed out. That’s all.
Technical questions don’t fit into this thread, sorry.

Technical assistance category?

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Good news. CentOS 9 support will land with the next release.
ETA unknown.