Can't choose owner while creating a ticket

I am using Zammad in Version 3.2.x. It’s installed on a Debian Linux and I updated everything today in the moring. The issue didn’t come with the update, it was already there.
If I create a new ticket there is only a - int the DropDown of the owner. So I create the ticket with the - and than I can change the owner without any problems later.
This problem exists only while creating a ticket. If the ticket is created, I can change the owner like it should work.
I already cleard the cache, I rebuild the index, I tried with multiple browsers (also with cleared caches).
My issue is like described in Can't choose ticket owner, but clearing the cache didn’t work for me.
Any idea what can cause this behavior?

This happens to the exact same agent…?
This sounds rather odd…

Please provide your permission configuration, especially for the groups you’re trying to assign the owner to.
Normally owner assignment relies on the “full” right being set on groups - however, this should not work consistent then.

Shame on me! I found my mistake. If I choose first the group, than I can perfectly choose the owner. For testing I didn’t choose the group (it was ‘-’), so the owner drop down was empty. In the moment when I read your post with ‘assigning groups’ I realized my fault.

Sorry for that!

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No worries, glad it’s not a bug… eh feature. :smiley:

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