Cannot quote text from comments any more (since v 5.x)


  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.2-1638348154.49058123.centos7
  • Used Zammad installation type: YUM from Zammad repository
  • Operating system: CentOS 7.9
  • Browser + version: any :wink:

Expected behavior:

With pre-5 versions of Zammad is was possible to select some text in a comment (not a posting) and hit any reply link in the ticket. This prepared an answer email with the selected text as quotation. We could then convert this email into an internal comment. We used that quite a lot to reply to previous comments in follow-up comments, which was very handy in complex and comment-heavy tickets. Given the painful lack of formatting possibilities of the current editor, this was the only feasible way that we found to achieve this goal.

Actual behavior:

With Zammad 5.x, hitting the reply “button” only quotes text which has been selected in the respective article. It is not possible to “hijack-quote” from other postings or comments any more, which - in our use case - leads to less readable comment replies.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Select some text in comment
  • Hit “reply” of an other post
  • the resulting answer mail does not contain any quoted text

The Question

  • Is this change in behaviour deliberate and wanted or a collateral effect of other code changes?
  • Would Zammad be willing to reactivate the previous behaviour?
  • If not: Does anyone have a suggestion, how we could quote text from comments in other comments?

(please see this also as yet-an-other-plea for an editor with some more formatting possibilities, which - btw - has been promised since years :slight_smile:)

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this behavior is, unfortunately, desired and was introduced / fixed by this issue:

The majority of users and customers have provided the feedback that this function causes more harm (e.g. accidentely quoting sensitive information) than good.

I personally feel you, but as of now there’s no workaround or plans to get the old behavior back.
On the other hand this is also a good thing, because you no longer can accidentally quote other UI parts as e.g. the ticket number on the upper left (yay…?)

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Well, I see the other users’ point and also the potential risks, but IMHO this could be mitigated with a little bit of discipline :-). A possible workaround would be to have the appropriate formatting possibility in the editor. I’ve opened a separate feature request for that (Editor: Possibility to format text as citation)

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