Cannot create new organisation since 3.2 and a custom object


  • 3.2
  • package
  • Operating system: debian
  • Browser + version: tested with newest firefox and chrome

Expected behavior:

Adding an orginazation with a custom object defined works fine

Actual behavior:

Adding an organization with a custom object defined results in a consule javascript error

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘fid’ of undefined
at s.formGenItem (application-162401c2bd05ea48c2530e9f4b7708e4e550d29df13d5498c4ae23089e6a8681.js:26)
at s.formGen (application-162401c2bd05ea48c2530e9f4b7708e4e550d29df13d5498c4ae23089e6a8681.js:26)
at s.formGen (application-162401c2bd05ea48c2530e9f4b7708e4e550d29df13d5498c4ae23089e6a8681.js:26)
at new s (application-162401c2bd05ea48c2530e9f4b7708e4e550d29df13d5498c4ae23089e6a8681.js:26)
at e.content (application-162401c2bd05ea48c2530e9f4b7708e4e550d29df13d5498c4ae23089e6a8681.js:26)
at e.content (application-162401c2bd05ea48c2530e9f4b7708e4e550d29df13d5498c4ae23089e6a8681.js:26)
at e.update (application-162401c2bd05ea48c2530e9f4b7708e4e550d29df13d5498c4ae23089e6a8681.js:26)
at e.update (application-162401c2bd05ea48c2530e9f4b7708e4e550d29df13d5498c4ae23089e6a8681.js:25)
at e.render (application-162401c2bd05ea48c2530e9f4b7708e4e550d29df13d5498c4ae23089e6a8681.js:26)
at e.render (application-162401c2bd05ea48c2530e9f4b7708e4e550d29df13d5498c4ae23089e6a8681.js:25)

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

not 100% sure if its reproducable on other zammad instances

i created the object fid on zammad 3.1, its of format “text” type “Input” (or also text? there is conflicting info on that in the list view and in the edit view)
with 3.2 i added a link template to someurl?qa=#{organization.fid}

for existing organisations everything works fine, i just cannot create a new organisation now with the obve javascript error

Please have a look at this thread:

I am sure you did not restart Zammad as needed.

i thought i only have to do a restart if the zammad form actually tells you to do a restart which i didnt

… i just did a restart and no change, i still cannot click the button and its still the same error

Same here. The GUI doesn’t say I have to restart.
I restarted via
systemctl stop zammad
systemctl start zammad

But it still does not work

I’ll be locking this topic for the sake of this thread:

This helps everyone to keep the needed overview of posts and also not to make me busy on two topics with the same content.