Can I create a list of all users?

we had a lot of troubles with spam, but now we got rid of it. The problem is, that our Zammad has now hundrets of users which are spammers, and we need urgentyl to clean up.
In the past the administrator could see all users by simply enter a * in the search bar under users, now this doesn’t work anymore.
The search itself works perferkt, but we are not able to see ALL users.
Is there a trick? Maybe over the command line?

User.all in the rails console will output all users.

If you want a csv format, try this short ruby script:

puts "firstname,lastname,email"
User.all.each do |usr|
    puts "#{usr.firstname},#{usr.lastname},#{}"

Obviously you can change the field outputs according to your needs.

Zammad will, at least via UI, at no point provide a complete list of it’s users.
This is for technical reasons. Search results are limited to 10 or 50 results depending if you’re in the quick- or detail search.

@fleverest Thank you, this seems to work. It looks like I would have a issue somewhere in my database, I have to see. I also need to find a solution to create a file which I can open with an texteditor.

@MrGeneration Ok, now I makes senes, why I could not see all.

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