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as already requested in the past (Perform bulk action on search results) we really would like to see a feature to use bulk actions (like in the general ticket overview) in search results.

What we want to achieve:

  • run macros for selected tickets like in the overview
  • merge tickets together (this is actually not possible in the overview and would be helpful over there too)

I also noticed that the search results only show a small selection of the fields and couldn’t find the view customization button (overview → options). Is it just missing or is there a technical limitation?

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(Is it possible to sponsor the development of this feature?)

This is already available as bug report:

Merging in general is not available to bulk operations.
There may be issues or community threads already - didn’t check for that.

Thank you for the fast response. Just curious: How does the “prioritised by payment” label affect the bugs? What kind of payment and how much to prioritise? :smiley:

priotized by payment affects service contracts (“bug escalations”) and hosted environment customers:

Technically you could insert a coint for a specific bug fix, however, this is not what the tag is about.

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