Better way to handle Spam

I’ve come up with a better simple idea how to handle spam
but zammad triggers or macro need to be able to update organizations

create Org called something like “Spam Block”

Create a Mail filter to Ignore mail where Org is = "Spam Block,

Then add a Type for tickets also called “Spam Block”

Trick part that needs to be developed in Zammad along with Macro or trigger to update Org

in triggers is when agent sets ticket type to “Spam Block” on update the trigger can set Org to “Spam Block”

this way its much cleaner we have almost 1500 filters to block spam and only admin can set this up, with above solution its can be managed by the base agent


we ran into similar issues with Zammad: Add User Attribute "Ignore tickets from user" e.g. if user is known for spamming

It looks like the current only way is to set up and e-mail filter and to set users inactive.

Unfortunately inactive users can still create tickets with certain interfaces:

But from the git thread I take that they are looking into implementing some way of blocking users so all new ticket attempts from all channels would be blocked once you set a user as blocked.

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