Banner/Marquee in Zammad 4.1?


  • Used Zammad version: 4.1
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system:
  • Browser + version: Edge 100

Hello everyone,

it would be nice to have a scrolling banner / marquee within Zammad to show short daily topics to the Zammad users. Is there a function or a plugin available to show those information to all users on selected screens, e.g. the main screen? I think of a marquee of keywords as we see on some TV channels as breaking news banners.
Kind regards

Please note that Zammad 4.1 is fairly old and prune to security issues by now.
Please consider upgrading asap.

The requested functionality is not available in Zammad as of now, you may want to consider to create a feature request here:

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