Automatically delete users/customers if there are no tickets assigned

Request based on topic Automatically delete users/customers if they have no tickets assigned

Zammad currently lacks the option to automatically delete users based on certain criteria.
A basic one would be to delete users (or in this case customers) that have no tickets assigned to them.

There is however an option to delete customers including assigned tickets manually. Depending on the size of the ticketsystem and amount of agents this might not be feasible for everyone.

So in order to make life easier for those and to more easily comply with GDPR the scheduler should have the option to check for users/customers without any tickets assigned to them and then be able to delete them.
Might either need a warning or condition the action “delete user” to only be available for the filter “customers with no tickets”.

Regarding LDAP or other integration: Either skip those or just delete them and let them resync, as long as there is no ID being counted in the background that has the potential to overflow I don’t see too much of a problem here.