Auto-Reply on new ticket doesn't work


I dont know why but auto-reply on new tickets doesn’t work anymore.
I already degraded the trigger to the minimum, but it still doesn’t send a reply.

(also tested with “article last sender” instead of customer")

any idea why? i dont even see the trigger after the article, but it’s working for other triggers, like customer notification on owner change

zammad 2.9.x via package on ubuntu

Did you by any chance add a new group where you experience this issue or remove a mail address?
Ensure that you can reply to tickets in the group via mail, where Zammad is not able to send notifications.

Also take a look into your production.log, it might hold hints on what’s wrong.

Please note that you need to set email addresses for triggers within your groups:

Other than that, your trigger looks perfectly fine and should fire.
Maybe a look into your ticket history of affected tickets helps too.

By default new Tickets hat the Group “Nicht zugewiesen” (not assigned), I’ve tested with and without assigning a mail to the group as advised in other tickets.

(I have only one mail in zammad)

production.log show this: I, [2019-11-21T13:41:57.975347 #11702-46998715404520] INFO -- : Skip trigger (Auto-Reply (Neues Ticket)/9) because sender do not want to get auto responder for object (Ticket/1366/Article/5826)

What the hell? Where is that option set? I’ve even created new mail accounts to test this, and all of them have this option… That explains why no mail is sent, but I don’t get what this option is.

I’ve seen this "Skip trigger (#{}/#{}) because sender do not want to get auto responder for object (Ticket/#{}/Article/#{})" but for me it doesn’t work on ALL mails, it doesn’t matter where they come from, gmail, yahoo etc.pp. all are affected.

E-Mail is required for a group to send trigger based mails.
However, as you named it “nicht zugewiesen” I’m not sure if you’re mixing things up, because it smells like you want it to be a overview like a “folder” in your outlook.

If this is the case, you might want to check out our overviews:

Please provide more input.
Zammad ignores mails that it detects as being auto generated or submitted.
This also affects mailing list mails or distribution list within Exchange.

We had this topic one or two weeks earlier, if you’re interested in why and how this happens, you can take a look at this article:

Further up in the above thread you can find a eml of the user that shows where to look at.

Okay I’ve found the issue now.
When starting to use zammad we had the mail account - after switching to production use we kept that account, and just forward any incoming mail to to

Both domains are on different mailservers, but both have the same domain ( & - I guess thats why this happens.

I think I’ll have to enable IMAP on one mailserver then and use the mailbox directly.

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Please note that direct forwarding does not work, a working alternative is bouncing the mail (or moving the mail affected into a folder Zammad fetches). :slight_smile:
Glad you found the issue.

okay, unfortunately enabling imap on exchange is not an option for me.

what do you mean by bouncing the mail? is it possible to bounce a mail which was sent to an exchange mailbox to another non-exchange mailbox which is not the sender?

Sorry but this as far as I can help you.
Zammad can’t use ActiveSync and required POP3 or IMAP, depending on what you need to do.
You can find further information on bouncing here:

and here (you want to redirect):

Well that’s exactly what I do, but both mail servers are on the domain *, thats why the trigger is not working

is there a way to disable this Skip trigger rule?

There is a great technical difference between forwarding (Weiterleiten) and redirecting (umleiten).

It will not work -at any point- with forwarding, you need to redirect!
Sorry, but this is a mail server dedicated issue we / I can’t help with.

I understand but as zammad decides to skip the trigger there should be an option to disable this function right?

It technically is possible, however, we do not encourage you to do so.
Anyway, if you still want to do it, please take a look at this thread: