Auto-merge Tickets with same subject + sender

  • Used Zammad version: 3.6
  • Used Zammad installation source: Package, self-hosted
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Browser + version: Chrome

Hi everyone!

We are a new Zammad user, still mostly in setup stages but we’ve noticed a relatively annoying behaviour…

Expected behavior:

  • I’d like to know if there is a setting or to get a setting to auto-merge tickets with the same subject + sender? The ticketing systems our suppliers use aren’t quite as good as Zammad and each time they send a reply to us it’s a ‘new email’ from them, not an actual reply, so my inbox starts looking like this…

Actual behavior:

  • New tickets for each ‘reply’ from outside organisations instead of adding to the existing ticket
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Is your Ticket Number in the subject, or just the ticket Number of the Other company?

Hi and thanks for responding!

The ticket numbers you see above (453777 & 454185) are the other company’s ticket numbers, which are only ever interal - we do all the customer communication from another Zammad ticket and link the two.

Ideally I’d like to setup an auto-merge filter, only for specific scenarios with dynamic variables, for example if:

  • Sender contains “” and;
  • Subject contains [uplinkme-support #XXXXXX] then;
  • Merge the tickets automatically

I hope that makes sense… if something like that exists now I’d very much like to know :slight_smile:

I think the best would be using the API

There’s actually a functionality that tries to automatically merge two tickets if they come in within a very short time period. Biggest thumb of rule for that is that the subject and sender are an exact match. I guess that time span is not enough in your case or other requirements are not met.

Beside of above mentioned there’s no possibility to always merge a specific mail with very specific meta information into a specific ticket. The issue you’re describing appears because the sender probably removes Header information and the ticket number from the subject which causes Zammad to not recognize a follow up.

The only thing we could do about that is a custom development in case those mails are always predictable technically. We actually did the same with ServiceNow which is a sponsored functionality for the Zammad core ( Release 3.4.0 (minor) & 3.3.1 (patch) | Zammad ).

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