Assets Warning / still "Loading" on different clients


  • Used Zammad version: 3.4.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) source
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04. latest
  • Browser + version: Chrome, Firefox, Edge (Chromium) latest version

Actual behavior:

  • After the latest update (today)
    • Only “loading” is displayed on various devices.
    • On devices where Zammad can still be loaded, this is often only possible in browsers that are used regularly.

an error is displayed in the browser in the WebSocket
Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check
send @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:3
ajax @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:3
t.addCurrentRequest @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:74
(anonym) @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:74
t.request @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:74
t.request @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:74
t.loginCheck @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:74
e @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:76
(anonym) @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:78
l @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:2
fireWith @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:2
ready @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:2
setTimeout (asynchron)
rt.ready.promise @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:2
(anonym) @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:2
(anonym) @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:1
(anonym) @ application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js:1

The application-44c347a1feb70f067680804444375ad9310503e82640d3a20d111e2c5e9c5451.js ist missing in /opt/Zammad/public/assets

We have run zammad run rails precompile:assets but it doesn’t fix the problem. :woozy_face:

Can someone help me how we can reconnect the colleagues
Andreas Berndt

Technically this is the same issue like this one:

All currently functioning clients will stop working as soon as you clear the browser cache.
Only solution I know of currently is renaming the compiled files Zammad looks for. You can find them in /opt/zammad/public/

As I wrote in above mentioned thread, this is a rare issue I don’t really encountered often. I’ve seen this once on a instance I own, but can’t tell where this comes from. It never striked me again

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