Any news about a knowledgebase?



there are already some votes requesting a knowledgebase, and i want to ask, if there is any progress in the development?
A knowledgebase would be useful (besides it’s common features) with the ability to get e.g. the top most accessed topics within a product, accessibe via API-Calls to integrate it with your own websolution for customer information.



I urgently need the information.
It would also be sufficient to state whether work is continuing on it.


Up until now the community gave no Feedback on this.
If this is a feature you really need, there’d be the other option to pay to get this feature.

I know that might not be the answer you want, but this might proberbly the fastest way to get the feature.

Maybe @thorsteneckel finds a spare minute to take a look. But the Devs currently are really busy. :slight_smile:


Definitly there is some interest in a knowledgebase. See:

To stop the unnecessary +1 posts I lock this thread. We are working on this stuff… see
No ETA, but we are working on it.

and this is from their news page:

What are you working on right now?
Maybe a knowledge base :wink: (july 2017, i think)

After 11 month i hope they can give a statement if there will be a knowledgebase in the near future or if i have to look for a foreign product.


We have the same problem at the moment and looking for an internal and external knowledgebase. I was exitied after the july news, but no one from the team mentioned the topic afterwards.


@martini told me some month ago that the knowledgebase is still on there list.


Martini’s extremely helpful and quickly responded to every issue i had in the past. Doesn’t sound too good if he doesn’t report here :slightly_frowning_face:


Sorry we had some issues with sending notifications of the board :see_no_evil: However, we are actively working on the knowledge base. We will give you an update about the current state and our roadmap of the feature in the next weeks :blush:


Thank you for your feedback. Well, I hope the head of department is patient.



We are actively looking at a new ticketing system at the moment, this is a must have feature for us. Be very keen to hear roadmap and expected time this might be available, as zammad does everything else we want bar a KB


This kinda died so I’ll reply here :smiley:

We expect the KB to come within Q4 this year.
Be super excited, just like I am. :blush:


looking forward for this…


We’re thrilled as well but experienced some stones in our way. We currently won’t hold Q4 and will be going for Q1.


Really looking forward to this!!

Is it possible to get a screenshot or a small hint how it´s going to look? :slight_smile:

We are about to setup a new knowledgebase and it would be fantastic if we just could use our Zammad (which we love!!) instead of setting up a completely new server with some wiki-software.



sorry, but I don’t have any Screenshots yet. I’d personally also wouldn’t want to share them.
Not because I don’t like you guys, but as some alpha pre-screenshots might raise exceptions we couldn’t full fill afterwards. It might be the devs change all colors from let’s say gray to red. Haha :smiley:

We’re also thrilled already and work hard on finishing the feature as soon as possible.
We all’ve waited for so long now. :slight_smile:


Totally understand, just so courius :slight_smile:

[KB/WIP] FAQ Modul for Zammad

So this sounds like something for v3.0? :slight_smile:


Who knows :nerd_face:
It’ll proberbly a new milestone yes.


Hi all, any news on this feature?


Do you want to guess? :wink:

Edit: No, no news yet. We’re testing it internally at the moment.