Any news about a knowledgebase?


there are already some votes requesting a knowledgebase, and i want to ask, if there is any progress in the development?
A knowledgebase would be useful (besides it’s common features) with the ability to get e.g. the top most accessed topics within a product, accessibe via API-Calls to integrate it with your own websolution for customer information.



I urgently need the information.
It would also be sufficient to state whether work is continuing on it.

Up until now the community gave no Feedback on this.
If this is a feature you really need, there’d be the other option to pay to get this feature.

I know that might not be the answer you want, but this might proberbly the fastest way to get the feature.

Maybe @thorsteneckel finds a spare minute to take a look. But the Devs currently are really busy. :slight_smile:

Definitly there is some interest in a knowledgebase. See:

To stop the unnecessary +1 posts I lock this thread. We are working on this stuff… see
No ETA, but we are working on it.

and this is from their news page:

What are you working on right now?
Maybe a knowledge base :wink: (july 2017, i think)

After 11 month i hope they can give a statement if there will be a knowledgebase in the near future or if i have to look for a foreign product.


We have the same problem at the moment and looking for an internal and external knowledgebase. I was exitied after the july news, but no one from the team mentioned the topic afterwards.

@martini told me some month ago that the knowledgebase is still on there list.

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Martini’s extremely helpful and quickly responded to every issue i had in the past. Doesn’t sound too good if he doesn’t report here :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry we had some issues with sending notifications of the board :see_no_evil: However, we are actively working on the knowledge base. We will give you an update about the current state and our roadmap of the feature in the next weeks :blush:


Thank you for your feedback. Well, I hope the head of department is patient.


We are actively looking at a new ticketing system at the moment, this is a must have feature for us. Be very keen to hear roadmap and expected time this might be available, as zammad does everything else we want bar a KB

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This kinda died so I’ll reply here :smiley:

We expect the KB to come within Q4 this year.
Be super excited, just like I am. :blush:


looking forward for this…

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We’re thrilled as well but experienced some stones in our way. We currently won’t hold Q4 and will be going for Q1.

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Really looking forward to this!!

Is it possible to get a screenshot or a small hint how it´s going to look? :slight_smile:

We are about to setup a new knowledgebase and it would be fantastic if we just could use our Zammad (which we love!!) instead of setting up a completely new server with some wiki-software.


sorry, but I don’t have any Screenshots yet. I’d personally also wouldn’t want to share them.
Not because I don’t like you guys, but as some alpha pre-screenshots might raise exceptions we couldn’t full fill afterwards. It might be the devs change all colors from let’s say gray to red. Haha :smiley:

We’re also thrilled already and work hard on finishing the feature as soon as possible.
We all’ve waited for so long now. :slight_smile:


Totally understand, just so courius :slight_smile:

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So this sounds like something for v3.0? :slight_smile:

Who knows :nerd_face:
It’ll proberbly a new milestone yes.

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Hi all, any news on this feature?

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Do you want to guess? :wink:

Edit: No, no news yet. We’re testing it internally at the moment.