Any news about a knowledgebase?


Let us know how the internal Tests are going on ;)?


Duh! It’s a secreeeeeet. :smirk:

It’s the usual finding “features” which aren’t any. Final fixings and fiddlings.
In my opinion looking promising, but I aint the benchmark (as so often :smiley: )



Are you working on a implementation for confluence?
This is highly requested in our company.

Thank you


Please don’t go too off topic or hijack threads…
And no, we don’t have any plans at the moment.



Im not going off topic, the initial request was about confluence as you could read here:

But as I understood you will provide your own knowledgebase then, right?

Thank you


We provide an own knowledgebase, yes.


@MrGeneration BTW: Is there any new information about that? :wink:


yeah, well no :smiley: