Allow selecting local MTA for outgoing mails in the Microsoft365 channel

I would like to see an option in the Microsoft 365 channel to select how outgoing mails are sent: Microsoft 365 or Sendmail.

Background: Zammad does not currently have a retry feature for outgoing mails should there be a problem with connectivity or such, see Ability to retry sending failed emails. The local MTA can handle this nicely, so handling over mails to the MTA would take care of that issue.

I set the outgoing adapter in the console and that works just fine, it seems. Official support would be better though.

m365 = Channel.where(area: "Microsoft365::Account").first
m365.options["outbound"]["adapter"] = "sendmail"

I’ve added spoilers for your command to show copy cats that don’t understand scopes that your solution provided is potentially dangerous.

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