Allow multiple customers to be assigned to a ticket


We’ve only recently started using Zammad after moving from Request Tracker. Coming from Request Tracker, we were use to being able to assign multiple customers to a ticket who would all receive emails/notifications and be able to contribute. It also had the option of adding “watchers” that would automatically get CC’d and notified of replies.

Assuming I haven’t missed something obvious, it would be really good if Zammad supported something similar.

Does this reasonable? To give some context, we’re using Zammad for an internal IT helpdesk. I understand such a use case is unlikely when using Zammad as a public helpdesk/ticketing system, but where it’s used as an internal helpdesk system I’d imagine this to be a relatively common requirement. I get the impression that Zammad was originally designed as a public helpdesk, and has slowly been gaining features to make it more tailored as an internal helpdesk such as allowing agents to also be customers.

Such a feature would also solve the awkwardness around merging tickets from multiple customers where only one customer ends up being able to see the merged ticket as mentioned in another related feature request: Show merged tickets for multiple customers and here Ticket should be visible for more than one customer · Issue #1307 · zammad/zammad · GitHub