Allow English -> English translations?

There’s been a topic about this in the past: How to change/translate some of English terms?

The result back then was that this is not possible without editing the template files. Has this changed since then? Because when I press Ctrl+Alt+t as an admin, I can modify the English strings just fine. I changed “Dashboard” to “Dashboard test”, and the change persisted even when I restart the docker-compose containers.

Unfortunately, the string I actually want to edit is “Enter Answer or select attachment…”, and that one cannot be edited with Ctrl+Alt+t because you can’t select it. (I want to change it because I’m afraid it might be confusing to our agents - we aren’t going to allow customers access to Zammad (it’ll be accessible only from our company network), so the text field will be for all intents and purposes an internal note field only. At least I was confused initially because I assumed that it was the reply field, but no reply email was sent when I put text in there.)

When you change the language to any other language than English, you can edit all strings in Manage -> Translations, but English will only change words I’ve modified (e.g. Dashboard -> Dashboard test), or “English is the source language, so we have nothing to translate.” when there aren’t any edited words.

Could this be changed so that all English words can be edited here?


  • Used Zammad version: 2.8.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: docker-compose
  • Operating system: Debian 9
  • Browser + version: Chrome 72


no, this is not possible, sorry about that.
The reason is still the same actually. :slight_smile:

Possibly related:

I’m just going through the German translation to fix some typos. Unfortunately, a lot of the original English strings are also in some need of improvement ^^

It would therefore be also very useful if it were possible to edit the English strings so I could improve them and submit my suggestions :slight_smile:

EDIT: also multi-line text areas that resize automatically would be really helpful when editing the translations. Editing long strings in a single-line text field turns out to be rather confusing.

EDIT2: I’m also getting the feeling that there are several outdated strings in the German translation that probably aren’t actually in use anymore. E.g. this one:

  • en: In default the follow up check is done via the subject of an email. With this setting you can add more fields where the follow up check is executed.
  • de: Im Standard wird der Follow-Up Erkennung durch den Betreff einer E-Mail organisiert. Durch diese Einstellung kannst du mehr Felder hinzufügen, in denen der Follow-up-Check ausgeführt wird.

sounds like it was an older version of this one:

  • en: By default the follow-up check is done via the subject of an email. With this setting you can add more fields for which the follow-up check will be executed.
  • de: Die Follow-Up-Erkennung erfolgt standardmäßig über den Betreff einer E-Mail. Mit dieser Einstellung können Sie weitere Felder hinzufügen, welche für die die Follow-Up-Erkennung verwendet wird.

Removing those would make it easier to go through all translations to improve them.

I agree that we should remove obsolete translations, as they shouldn’t be needed anymore.
I think @martini could help here at some point?

OK, I think I’m done for now… just submitted >600 changed strings for de-de :slight_smile:

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