Allow Customer to see who assigned to ticket

Hi Everyone,

By default Customer type of account can view only ticket status. Is they a way to give customer access to see who is assigned to the ticket? I’ve checked role configuration and couldn’t find relevant option there.

Thank you in advance.

There is no builtin way to allow this but you could use a workaround for this by creating a trigger that adds a note like this:

hi @awedor

thanks for your suggestion as well! clever :slight_smile:
I will use it for my problem described here: Timestamp on ticket updates - #3 by rsysadmin

I will try it until better solution pops up…


Hi @avedor, that’s clever!

I did the same, but in my case note is added only when response or comment is added. If ticket got status or assignee change, the note is not added. Is that a correct behaviour?

Sounds like you didn’t choose the right conditions for the trigger. A screenshot of your trigger would help :wink:

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