Adjust article visibility via trigger

A customer suggests to be able to manipulate the last articles visbility.

Use case:
If you’re communicating internally with your agents, you currently only can change the visibility of incoming mails to internal. However, you can’t manipulate the visbility of outgoing articles.

Even for incoming this only applies to incoming mails.

The customer doesn’t have all of his workers within Zammad as it’s not needed. Sometimes they still need to communicate with each others - agents use Zammad for that to keep track of the answers for the specific ticket.

Ticket-ID: #1071806


In my company we have a similiar use case.

As workaround we created a postgresql trigger which checks to and cc fields on new email articles (type_id=1). The trigger sets the internal field to "true" by default. And if the customer email matches to one of the recipients, then it sets the internal field to "false".

So the rule of thumb is: “if the mail wouldn’t reach the customer, then it should be internal by default”.
It would be nice, if it would be visible on webclient. Maybe like this:

ScreenCapture_07.04.2020 14.20.36

@MrGeneration what is your oppinion about this idea?

@vitjok sorry but this is kinda hijacking the scope of this feature request.
While I can understand your approach, I don’t think it fits in this thread at all.

It technically may be similar, but in functionality is absolutely different (and quite complex if we’re honest). :slight_smile: I currently don’t have too much of an opinion on this usecase, right now it seems complicated to me (which doesn’t have to be a bad thing!) - I’d suggest an independent feature request post on this Community if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

:thinking: Yes, indeed. I guess it is a similar use case. And it is definitely different feature request.

Sorry for hijacking, didn’t notice that.

I created an independent feature request: Automatic detection of article visibility for articles of type `email`

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