Automatic detection of article visibility for articles of type `email`


I would like to see an automatic detection of article visibility for articles of type email based on sender and recipients list.

So the rule of thumb could be: “if the mail wouldn’t reach the customer, then it should be internal by default”.

For outgoing mails in webclient it would be nice to have the detection directly in webclient UI like in this mockup:

ScreenCapture_07.04.2020 14.20.36

Features need to be usable / useful for everyone.

I think, that many agents have to communicate internally and want to have the communication tracked by zammad and not visible for customers.


We are also looking for the functionality to automatically setting an article to INTERNAL based on where an email comes from (e.g. which ORG) and I think we could already TRIGGER what we want if the trigger functionality would just let us set the article to INTERNAL in the execution section.

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