Add trigger condition for attachments

Hey guys,

there are several (ticket) conditions for creating triggers and schedulers, but there is no condition concerning ticket attachments.

Please add a new condition Ticket -> Attachment with the following checks:

  • exists / does not exist
  • size is lower / greater than …
  • filename is equal / not equal / contains … (maybe “starts/ends with” for file type extension checks, or just make it work with RegEx right from the start)

That would help a lot in terms of automation and ticket allocation.

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Have a nice day


Thanks for your Feature request. :slight_smile:

@Community: For voting, please ensure to always give a :heart: to the intial post, as this makes it easier for us to determine what you guys think about it!

+1 for RegEx within triggers!

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Please vote with a heart on the first post :slight_smile:
That helps us to determine the “need”

I did :slight_smile: Just added this not because I do not explicitly need something for attachments :grimacing:

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