Add information bubble to Tab and overview on Hower

We have a customer that had the idea that it would be great, to see further information of the ticket, when hovering the ticket tab and when hovering the ticket title on overviews. The following information are especially interesting:

  • Who is the ticket customer (information about the customer)
  • What group does the ticket belong to?

A nice to have would be the first 100-300 signs of the body. This can give the agents a further clue on what the ticket is about. This might help scheduling workloads, as sometimes you can see tickets with similare content and work them together.

What do you guys think?


That sounds like a good idea. Ideally there is a toggle switch to put this option on/off. I could imagine, that it might put much more load on the server when you have a view with a lot of tickets. Also, it could lead to “cherry picking” when the support reps. can view the content of the ticket and then decide not to open the ticket as the question might be a bit difficult.


Totally agreeing with that.

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