Hover over title in list view show latest article in popup


In our org a supervisor often assigns new unassigned tickets to an agent.
ATM in the overviews section, let’s say /#ticket/view/all_unassigned,
you can hover your mouse pointer over a ticket title and you’ll get the full title popup below your pointer with light text on dark background.

They have asked to be able to see the contents of the ticket in the popup as well as the title. I guess the last article on the ticket would be good, maybe simplified, no formatting.

The idea being they can glance into a ticket without opening it so they can assign it from the overviews screen.

This is our wish. I’m not sure how practical it is or if others would find it useful.

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I’d be interested in this to help streamline the reviewing of tickets and providing the ability to assist in the the management of tickets.