Add DAV acces to tickets i'm the owner

Often we get Files from our customer. At moment, we Download them to access them.
The Problem is, that we try handle the files of our User in a more sensitive way. If we do not have the file directly on our Computer some possible accidental wrongdoing could be prevented.
There is a possibility that we in future could handle customer which wish that we sign an NDA.

What should a DAV Access look like?

  • Every Supporter get his personal DAV access
  • this DAV access has a sub directory with the Ticket number on it.
  • this directory has a directory “UPLOADED” which is read-only itself and contain the Files uploaded by Zammad-Webinterface
  • beside this directory, a supporter could read/write any files into that directory. These files do not appear in Zammad.
  • If a Ticked get closed - by Admin-settings following could happen:
    • All Files inclusive uploaded in Zammad get deleted (to be NDA conform)
    • All files manually added by DAV get deleted, Uploaded in Zammad stays available (Ticket directory in DAV change complete read-only)
    • All files stays available (Ticket directory in DAV change complete read-only)

May use the Nextcloud as an example for handling files and DAV

It would be nice if also possible to have an option to remove all Files If customer ask for it and a possibility to set an automated removal of all or some specific file-type after a certain time after closing the ticket in the customer’s user profile.

Our Company is thinking about getting DSGVO/GDPR ready (See also: DSGVO / GDPR readyness) and also give users some more control over their own files and data.

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We are currently not planning to implement this feature request due to missing feedback / hearts from the community. This might change in future.