Add counter of open Tickets for Organization to Icon

Hi there,

I love the feature that if you create a ticket for someone, Zammad displays the open ticket count on the right for that person.


I think most of us would benefit if there would be a counter on the organization as well, so you would see, there are more tickets open from that organization. A lot of times, someone else from the same company opens another ticket for the same issue. Displaying the count, and the overview like the one for the single user

would minimize the effort to have all open ticket displayed.
Right now I would need to open the organization with the image, check the tickets there before I can close the organization again to return the original ticket.

Performancewise it could make sense to limit the amount of shown Tickets with the hover of open or closed to a certain range, but still show the whole count of all open/closed tickets of that organization.




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