Zombie Microsoft 365 channel

Ubuntu 18.04
Zammad 5.2.3

Zammad is connected to a Microsoft 365 email account:

Inbound: outlook.office365.com, IMAP, TLS, 993
Outgoing: smtp.office365.com, SMTP, STARTTLS, 587

This has worked fine for years. Now, as of today, only emails can be sent. Incoming emails stay in the Microsoft 365 inbox. Here is the error message:

“Can’t use Channel::Driver::Imap: #<Net::IMAP::NoResponseError: LOGIN failed.>”

After a quick research, we thought to use Microsoft 365 channel instead of email channel. Following the instructions, we created an app on Azure and specified the data when creating a new Microsoft 365 channel. However, this failed. We wanted to start all over again, so we removed the app in Azure. However, no app appears in the Microsoft 365 channel section in Zammad. Now when we want to add a Microsoft 365 account, Zammad tries to log in to Microsoft-365. However, this goes wrong.

How can I get rid of this ghost app?

Thanks a lot


There is a “Configure App” button in the M365 Channel page. Just enter the values of the new Azure App you created.

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Thanks, I got the idea yesterday and it works. However, the observation remains that once made settings can only be changed but not deleted.

Thanks again!


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