Zendesk Migration stopped: Net::ReadTimeout with #<TCPSocket:(closed)>


  • Used Zammad version: 4.0
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Debian 10

Zendesk Migration Status

Net::ReadTimeout with #<TCPSocket:(closed)> -- get https://xxxx.zendesk.com/api/v2/tickets/15770/tags


I, [2021-06-24T01:43:45.532168 #844-47256961882900]  INFO -- : Processing by ImportZendeskController#imeport_status as JSON
I, [2021-06-24T01:43:45.532233 #844-47256961882900]  INFO -- :   Parameters: {"_"=>"1624464802234"}
I, [2021-06-24T01:43:45.533874 #844-47256961882900]  INFO ee-- : Completed 200 OK in 2ms (Views: 0.4ms | ActiveRecord: 0.1ms)
E, [2021-06-24T01:43:47.891703 #836-46979391930580] ERROR -- : ImportJob 'Import::Zendesk' failed: Net::ReadTimeout with #<TCPSocket:(closed)> -- get https://xxxx.zendesk.com/api/v2/tickets/15770/tags
E, [2021-06-24T01:43:47.891797 #836-46979391930580] ERROR -- : Net::ReadTimeout with #<TCPSocket:(closed)> -- get https://xxxx.zendesk.com/api/v2/tickets/15770/tags (ZendeskAPI::Error::NetworkError)
I, [2021-06-24T01:43:47.902573 #836-46979391930580]  INFO -- : Performed AsyncImportJob (Job ID: 09ff5a5c-0e94-4961-bd92-2904523c8fbc) from DelayedJob(default) in 34088431.89ms
I, [2021-06-24T01:43:47.906025 #836-46979391930580]  INFO -- : 2021-06-24T01:43:47+0000: [Worker(host:xxxx.xxxx.de pid:836)] Job AsyncImportJob [09ff5a5c-0e94-4961-bd92-2904523c8fbc] from DelayedJob(default) with arguments: [{"_aj_globalid"=>"gid://zammad/ImportJob/1"}] (id=15) (queue=default) COMPLETED after 34088.4554
I, [2021-06-24T01:43:47.909392 #836-46979391930580]  INFO -- : 2021-06-24T01:43:47+0000: [Worker(host:xxxx.xxxx.de pid:836)] Job SearchIndexJob [2c0ab2d6-e126-44dc-b33d-e3a22f069185] from DelayedJob(default) with arguments: ["Group", 2] (id=16) (queue=default) RUNNING
I, [2021-06-24T01:43:49.257026 #836-46979391930580]  INFO -- : Performing SearchIndexJob (Job ID: 2c0ab2d6-e126-44dc-b33d-e3a22f069185) from DelayedJob(default) with arguments: "Group", 2
I, [2021-06-24T01:43:49.265265 #836-46979391930580]  INFO -- : # curl -X post "http://localhost:9200/zammad_zammad_production_group/_doc/2?pipeline=zammad206289313936" 
I, [2021-06-24T01:43:49.266372 #836-46979391930580]  INFO -- : # 0

How can I restart the migration/import? This same migration worked fine during a test run last week. We have done some tests and are ready to start. Because there is no delta sync, we decided to reset the server and started with a clean server and clean zammad. But this time the migration stopped because of the Net::ReadTimeout with #TCPSocket:(closed) error.

Many thanks in advance!

We had a lot of moving around that topic in the last weeks:

You may want to try upgrading to the latest possible version to see if the issue is fixed for you by now.
If not it might be rather a bug.

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