Zammad, your customer support system

I am sorry… but I have looked everywhere and cant find an answer I understand. How do I replace " Zammad, your customer support system" in the email footer. I have no problem with “Powered by Zammad” but " Zammad, your customer support system" sounds like it is coming from Zammad not us.

Please provide a screenshot of an example for a reference to us what exact place you mean.


I appreciate I am probably missing a giant button that does just what I need.

Hi @magicker and welcome to the community! You want to check your triggers in the admin interface. This string is part of the following default triggers:

auto reply (on new tickets)
auto reply (on follow-up of tickets)
customer notification (on owner change)

arrghh I knew I was being stupid!!
thank you

Don’t be to harsh to yourself :slight_smile: happy to help

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