Zammad Troubles

Hi, i have a some questions:

  • When the customer send a email this appear in the principal panel but how can make that when a agent open this case automatly be asignment selft. I try with the Auto-Assignment option but not work.

  • Also i configure my signature but how can put some words in bold or italic and when i put a url how can use hiperlink with letter blue?

  • I be can create a task from the web panel for delete emails taggin as “spam” state?.

  • Also if i want work with a module ITSM, this app have a similiar application or i have integration with 3er party?

  • How can use autoresponse template for send a email by example for assistant remote.

  • I also see that when I delete an agent or client this ID is no longer used by new users, can they be used so that they are not empty?

This work, in Setting – Ticket – Auto-Assignment and state: New.

In Programmer here configure a task name spam and condition: New, Execute in objects: delete and all work.

With Template i create a response for this.

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