Zammad Time Accounting for an agent

is it possible to evaluate the time units for an agent?



In the admin area there are different possibilities to get an overview of the accounted times.

Hope this helps.

Cheers Yves

Hi Yves,

yes i know. but the question is: can each agent’s booked time be evaluated?

Yes and no.
Endpoints for the timeaccounting itself do not provide a detailed information which agent did book what.

However, the history can do that for you.

GET                         /api/v1/ticket_history/:id(.:format)                 tickets#ticket_history

The payload for that endpoint is fairly but, but contains time accounts for every update on the ticket that provided a new time. Similar like so:

            "id": 1806952,
            "o_id": 2,
            "related_history_object_id": null,
            "value_from": "",
            "value_to": "2.0",
            "created_by_id": 3,
            "created_at": "2020-04-20T08:02:44.496Z",
            "object": "Ticket",
            "type": "updated",
            "attribute": "time_unit"

Every entry that contains “attibute”: “time_unit” is accounted time.
The “created_by_id” is the actual user that caused the entry, so the agent in question.

Perfect. in the ticket history i see the time bookings. thanks.

Hi, Thanks for helping out with Christians question. This is very helpful to me too.

I’m not much of a coder but I have been using the Ruby on Rails Gem to access the API but looking at the Resources folder it doesnt look as if the Ticket History is included. Is there any possibility this could be included along with the other Time Tracking APIs?

GET /api/v1/ticket_history/:id(.:format)
GET /api/v1/time_accounting/log/by_ticket/:year/:month(.:format)
GET /api/v1/time_accounting/log/by_customer/:year/:month(.:format)
GET /api/v1/time_accounting/log/by_organization/:year/:month(.:format)

Thanks for all your help and support in the forums.


Sorry I’m not sure what your goal is?
The endpoints you referenced are for the totals of the moment you reference.

E.g. for this month: /api/v1/time_accounting/log/by_ticket/2020/11 by ticket.

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