Zammad system keeps removing user permissions after changes

Hi There, I’m having an issue where when I make changes to a users permissions or give them access to group, a while later the system will update the user and remove my changes. Is there a reason for this and does anyone have a solution?

Many thanks

Are you using the ldap integration by any chance?

If so, this would explain this ‘behaviour’ (which would be working as intended).

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Hi , yes I am using the ldap integration. they are in the right group on the ldap side but its changing the permissions on the Zammad side.

Well yeah, that would explain it. Taken from the official documentation:

Zammads LDAP sync is one way. Editing user settings or permissions may be overwritten upon the next sync depending on your configuration.
LDAP / Active Directory — Zammad documentation

So for any ldap user you’d want to change the permissions you’ll need to:

  1. create a ldap group
  2. add the user to the group
  3. map that group to a zammad role
  4. change the permissions on said role

There’s no way around it and there’s no mixing up ‘ldap side’ and ‘zammad side’ permissions.
It’s pretty much XOR at that point.

If that’s what affecting you it’s all working as designed. If not please fill out the form popping up when creating a technical assistance post and provide logs/screenshots of all affected settings.


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