Zammad shouldn't automatically quote selected text

Several people in our internal company chat today complained about Zammads automatic quoting feature: when you select text in an article and hit reply, Zammad will automatically quote this selected text in your reply.

This led me to realize that I also only trigger this feature accidentally. It usually happens when I copy-paste the name of the customer for the salutation (though we do have text modules with #{ticket.customer.lastname}, but that doesn’t work for all situations). Zammad will then automatically insert the selected customer name into my reply, which of course is not what I want. I usually then revert my changed, undo the selection, and hit reply again, but that is pretty annoying because it’s happening pretty often.

Maybe it would be more useful if the quoting feature had an explicit button to insert the quote (ie. floating atop of the selected text), instead of automatically triggering for selected text?

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As an opposite example: Our team finds the feature extremely useful and clever as it enables you to quickly quote only relevant parts of the message instead of the whole one.

So personally, I would not like a button. But maybe one can provide a config option?

I would argue that the proposed solution doesn’t this make any harder. The way I imagine it would be exactly how it works here - double click the text and then the button right above it:

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