Zammad sets group as reply to address

Used Zammad version: 2.8
Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …)
Operating system: Ubuntu Server 18.04 lts
Browser + version: Chrome
Expected behavior:
incoming mails should be associated to correct customer

Actual behavior:
I set up a mailbox (e.g. in our internal mail system.
zammad is catching the emails from the inbox of helpdesk with imap and creates a ticket in group helpdesk.
That works as expected!

If an external user (i.e. sends a email to helpdesk ( everything if fine.
zammad is pulling the mail out of the inbox of “helpdesk” and creates a ticket.
This ticket is correctly created for customer “”.

But if an internal user ( sends an email to this mailbox “”, something is going wrong!

zammad is correctly pulling the email out of the inbox of “helpdesk” and creates a ticket.

But this ticket is not created for!
Instead zammad created the ticket for “”.

This means every ticket of internal users get assigned to customer “helpdesk” instead of the individual internal users.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Do the described setup.

I really need help with this is becoming very painful


I see the same when using Office365 and aliases attached to the same account. Microsoft sees that the user sending is within the same organisation and changes the TO: header to the primary email address of the mailbox. In the headers the only TO: header is the primary mailbox.

Is this what you are seeing?

No sorry, i can actually see who sent the ticket with the correct details on the message, but for example emails my Zammad group, then when the ticket is created in the group the customer is set as the group yet next to the message it has ticket senders avatar but if i reply to it then it has the groups email i have to delete the to email of the group and replace it with the correct ticketsenders email

its only where the ticket sender is an agent where this happens

Sorry but I can’t reproduce this, this works perfectly fine on my setup.
What E-Mail-Server are you using.

By the way - you can actually download the EML-File, you should find the needed information there.
Maybe something changes your Mail so Zammad has no choice?


we use MS Exchange 2010,

ive download the eml file, and its correctly formatted

as an example the email is from me, but in zammad if i reply to the ticket the email address is that of the group, it should be my email address,


Can you please provide me the EML-File for testing?
A private message is fine by me, I’ll take a look then and try to reproduce this.

Small update for the community: I’ve received a sample where the error stays the same for @KINGRULZ

I still can’t reproduce this issue on my end.

Thanks to KINGRULZ help and access to his installation, I could verify the issue:
This is caused if you send to an Alias of the fetched E-Mail-Account, that is unknown to Zammad.

This issue disappears as soon as you set the alias within E-Mail-Channel.
We’ve already created an bug report for this, please see:
for further details.

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