Zammad questions

Hi i have a any questions about of Zammad, the information of my system is:

  • Used Zammad version: 3.4
  • Used Zammad installation source: package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Webserver: Nginx
  • Database: PostgreSQL

Good morning, I would like to makes some inquiry and this is:

  • How could the system automatically link an email with a queue, group or tag to be able to group them and find statistics on these emails?.
  • When a new email arrives, is it visible to all agents, but is there a button that can be blocked or is only the “owner” option used?.
  • Once the mail is blocked, should it automatically change back to open or is this done manually?
  • When i response a email i dont see a botom “send” only “Update” this is correct or my installation is wrong.

This system seems fantastic to me because of the versatility and improvements that they have unlike systems like others.

In Admin -> Channels -> Email you can assign each incoming email address/mailbox with a specific group. Posts arriving in that mailbox will then automatically be assigned to the group.

Or you could define a filter which assigns a post to a specific group based on whatever attribute the mail filter supports.

“Update” is the right button to push :-). It applies all changes including mails to be sent.

Hi, thanks for you response but how can link the email address with tag of a product or brand?

Is possible automatly change the state when a agent take a case?

For tagging you will probably have to use a mail filter.

You can use triggers here. There is e.g. the condition “Owner has changed” which you can use

Thanks @fthommen for you help, well i think that has else more by build in this app, is very interesant but can work with queue or files(row) for segment the help based in type of products (ex. firewall, antivirus) all this pre-defined for the admin users but is a great application.

You can tell me what is the tag for create a signature or autoresponse customizades? any link?

I can’t tell you. That heavily depends on how you have installed it (source, package, which package manager) but I suggest to remove all three services one by one or in one go with the package manger of your system

I reformed my question jejeje also how can delete users on zammad?

You can’t (at least not w/o modifying the database directly). You can only disable users through the user management.

I finded a mode of how can delete it, well first the account of agent or customer cant have a tickets or some case, later i access in console mode with “zammad run rails c” and i execute Ticket.destroy_all (for delete all tickets or can select one user) and late User.find(4) for find the user and User.find(4).destroy and delete the user. Thanks @fthommen for you help.

For later use when you’re productive and need to remove customers, please use the documented script. This will also cleanup references for you:

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