Zammad Performance issue on version 5.0.2-1

I’m sorry if I use wrong grammar in this post, because English is my second language, please forgive me, thank you.

I am having performance problems on version 5.0.2-1

Our Zammad Dasboard has been in operation for 3 years and has upgraded it during that time from 4.0.0 to 5.0.2-1 in the past, total backup data size is about 50GB.

Lately, performance problems keep happening, and I earnestly want to find a way to fix it

I created a topic about this and upgraded to the latest version 6.2, but with this version we currently cannot run docker container init (running Migration data), there are many people having similar problems about it. and I rolled back to the old version

Here are my server parameters

This is the article I posted a while ago, I really need your help on this

Hi @luu.le. You need to update your Zammad instance. There were some performance improvements in the last versions, beside of this, your Zammad instance is not covered with security fixes etc.

Yes, thanks for your feedback @fliebe92 , we have upgraded the Zammad version 6.2, but we had to roll back the old version because we could not pass the docker init_1 container shake step

I have this problem

activerecord::recordinvalid: validation failed: user must exist when running zammad init

And I found many people encountered it and they all reverted to the old version on closed issues on Github

Can you tell me how we can bypass it or skip running step init_1 and the system can still run normally?

May I ask how did you do the upgrade, @luu.le?

I followed this guide @fliebe92

@luu.le this might be interesting for you, however, I have never did it by using docker compose. I’m sorry.

Yes, thanks for your response, I tried upgrading it but it failed

Has anyone ever done it? I really need your help