Zammad on UCS with Letsencrypt

Hello, I want to free my Zammad von Zentyal as a server and relocate to a UCS Univention server.

Have made a recent backup and the UCS schonmal installed and also Zammad runs.

Since the instance should be accessible from the outside, I have everything set up so far.

But now my problem, the letsencrypt of UCS does not grab the docker or?

How do I get it out that Zammad can be reached under “service.domain.example” and also encrypted with Letsencrypt?

The port 10412 I could indeed redirect over the firewall.


the docker is the wrong path here.
You can find a custom vHost for the apache on the UCS system that does all the magic.

You proberbly want to start there:


Currently our joinscripts on UCS don’t check if the file has been edited and will remove and “reset” the files content on every update. Your changes there are not update safe at the moment.

Hopefully that helps.

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is this planned to be integrated, any way to contribute?

This is not a public repo, so no way to contribute at the moment, sorry!

I put it on my list, no ETA though.

Just a small follow up, currently I’m finish the app update which will raise Zammad to 3.1.x.
It will also introduce app settings and an alternative port to the highport (now 8443). HTTPs (443) itself is not possible because of how Zammad works.

The Zammad-App for UCS will support Let’s Encrypt (by Univention GmbH) and custom certificates if they are in the right location.